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Life insurance companies...
...are listed to the right. We chose the companies which appear most often on Internet quote sites.

From the fifteen original companies, we chose eleven for which we were able to obtain field underwriting guides. These guides are issued by the companies directly to agents, and they specify the premium classification for each underwriting factor.

All eleven companies are included in the averages. We used eight of them in our comparison studies. We identify the companies with numbers to keep their underwriting information confidential.

You can find additional resources for U.S. life insurance quotes here.

Life Insurance Companies
Americom Life and Annuity
Banner Life Insurance Company
Chase Insurance Life and Annuity Company
First Penn-Pacific Life Insurance Company
Genworth Life Insurance Company
North American Company for Life and Health
Ohio National Life Insurance Company
Security-Connecticut Life
Transamerica Occidental Life
Valley Forge Life Insurance Company
West Coast Life Insurance Company

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