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Life Insurance Underwriting
Negative underwriting factors cost you money. We commissioned this study to determine exactly how much. If you are not able to change your factors to save some money, at least you will know what they are costing you!

Note the difference in premium for the same factor. Also, one life insurance company may have the high premium for one factor and the low premium for another. See the complete study.

Be cautious about the lowest life insurance quote. Underwriting factors may disqualify you for the lowest rates with some companies but not others. It's better to know this before applying and waiting several weeks for underwriting.

For more assistance, you can get a life insurance quote online, or shop for low cost health insurance. You should also be aware of the influence of credit scores on life insurance.

Underwriting Factor Company Premium
Total cholesterol = 285 2 $1,330
3 $   730
Cholesterol ratio = 7.0 3 $1,530
7 $   835
Blood pressure = 141/90 1 $1,285
6 $   890
Weight = 210 2 $1,330
5 $   815
Family member diagnosed before 60
(heart or cancer)
6 $1,290
7 $   715
Two driving convictions in three years 2 $1,330
3 $   730

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